Stunning Paper-Cut Art by Eiko Ojala

Eiko Ojala is a illustrator, graphic designer and art director from Tallinn, Estonia. He has been drawing ever since he was a kid, and he is interesting in paper collage, illustration, graphic design particularly aimed towards books and magazines now. Here are 2 series of his “Naked” and “Forest” paper illustrations, he uses the shadow from the edge of the paper towards light to create these stunning and elegant portraits and body curves.

Eiko Ojala 是一位來自愛沙尼亞的畫家、平面設計師以及藝術總監。他從有記憶的時候就開始畫畫,現在他專注於為書籍以及雜誌創作紙雕、拼貼、插畫等不同性質的藝術創作。這裡收集了他的兩個系列作品〝Naked〞與〝Forest〞,利用紙張的自然高低所產生的光影,他塑造出了驚人又優雅的人像以及身體曲線!