Nelson Mandela Monument – Marco Cianfanelli

South Africa artist Marco Cianfanelli has constructed a monument that tributes peace-fighter Nelson Mandela’s 50 year anniversary of captured by the apartheid police in 1962. He uses 50 steel columns to arrange Mandela’s profile, each column anchored to the concrete-covered ground. For 27 years behind bars, the nobel prize winner Nelson Mandela brings equal rights to his country and leads the racially divided nation into peace.

南非藝術家 Marco Cianfanelli 為了紀念人權與政治領袖曼德拉被捕入獄 50 週年紀念,在南非南部的鄉村建造了這個曼德拉側像的金屬雕塑裝置。他使用了 50 根立在水泥地上的鋼柱排列組合成曼德拉的側臉!在監獄鐵窗後待了 27 年的曼德拉不但贏得諾貝爾和平獎,也在出獄之後帶領這個原本因種族歧視而分裂的國家走向團結與和平!