‘Litter Bugs’ that Composed by Trash

British artist Mark Oliver has composed these new insect species by everyday found objects. By using all kinds of trash from old book covers to fragments of broken sunglasses, he has identified many distinctive designs that transform his creations into playful and approachable insects.

The artist defines these sculptures as: “Arthropod sub-species of the Insecta class. A creature whose instinctual and physical qualities have adapted so uniquely to the modern urban environment that it has rendered itself, by nature of camouflage, virtually invisible in it’s normal habitat.”

英國藝術家 Mark Oliver 利用每天我們所丟棄不要的物件來回收重組成這些全新的昆蟲物種,從舊書的封皮到破碎斷裂的太陽眼鏡,他重新創造出這些可愛又好玩的昆蟲雕塑。